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The scientific research Journal of Radiobiology a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the promotion on the effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and related modalities. The journal focus is on the biological effects of such radiations and radiobiological modeling in radiation oncology. It publishes every six months in March and September of each year. It has pursued this aim through publishing editorials, original research articles, reviews, mini-reviews, commentaries, letters to the editor, hypothesis, case reports, epidemiology and prevention, news and views, brief communications and photoclinic.

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International Day od Medical Physics will be celebrated on November 7, 2017. This time the theme is on "Medical Physics: Providing a Holistic Approach to Women Patients and Women Staff Safety in Radiation Medicine".





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It is our responsibility to provide an opportunity for the researchers who work in the area of radiation sciences, either biologists or chemists, to have their papers appraised and reviewed by the peers, and finally published with a desirable quality in the Journal of Radiobiology (J Radiobiol). This journal will be a good place to have your knowledge and experience in Radiobiology to be shared with all colleagues easily. The editorial team of the J Radiobiol welcomes your collaboration and valuable comments.


Journal of Radiobiology: A need of the hourPDF

Hamid Nasri

MTT assay instead of the clonogenic assay in measuring the response of cells to ionizing radiation


Safora Nikzad, Bijan Hashemi

A comparative study of anatomical models for estimating the radiation riskPDF

Nafise Araghian, Keyhandokht Karimi-Shahri, Atiyeh Ebrahimi-Khankook

Effects of chronic low-dose-rate gamma irradiation on the antitumor activity and chemokine system in micePDF

Daisaku Takai, Akiko Todate, Kazuaki Ichinohe, Jun-ichiro Komura

Effect of extremely low-frequency (50 Hz) field on proliferation rate of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cellsPDF
Daryoush Shahbazi-Gahrouei, Shahnaz Razavi, Marzieh Salimi

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